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Published on August 16th, 2012


Cruising: The Perfect Getaway For Canadians

Nearly a quarter of those Canadians who participated in a recent poll say they would like to spend their next vacation outside Canada. Given how hard everyone works for a living, the desire to get away is understandable. The concept of vacation has been associated with the concept of rewards and enjoyment. Us Canadians are no exception – only we like to relax to the max! Considering Canada’s exhaustingly cold climate and culture, taking a cruise is just about the exact opposite of daily life in Canada. Hence, cruising is pretty much the perfect getaway for Canadians.

What are the great things about a cruise and what can it do for the person taking it? You’ve probably seen it in movies and dreamed of it all your life. There are hundreds of ships around the world cruising about and stopping by at thousands of destinations with the sole purpose of recreation, and seeing sights. And these people are usually drunk. Wouldn’t you want to become part of that?

Traveling, especially for business, even when you mix it with leisure, cannot be compared with giving a dedicated time for just simply enjoying and relaxing. This is why cruising is the only kind of vacation in which most people would not mind doing it over again. There are just too many experiences that you can do both within the cruise ship and when it lingers for its ports of call. That is when you truly see how fabulous other places area. It will make you realize, too, that your life is not chained around work, and that there is a world out there, outside of Canada that may be totally different from what you are used to. The beauty of it all is that the places that you are going to be visiting are all beautiful and have the opportunity to enjoy each one.

You just need to look for a good travel agency, such as Carnival Spirit Cruises, to show you some options and what packages you can choose from. Understand that your worries will be lessened if you choose a cruise for your next vacation. Whether you bring your whole family, or it’s a romantic getaway for you and your partner, you can’t go wrong.  In case you have children, there are definitely safe, child-friendly activities in store for them. If you’re going with your partner, there are spas, massages, restaurants and other fun-filled activities you can do together – such as, once again, getting drunk.

Of course, when you get off the deck and visit the ports of call, at varying points across the globe, you will be amazed at the depth with which you can appreciate your vacation. Somebody else got you to your many destinations, and you were relaxed the whole damn time, weren’t you?

In spite of the many beautiful sights that you can see in Canada, you spend most of your life confined within the walls of an office. Taking a cruise would be your best reward. See new sights, probably meet new people and make new friends from all over the world.

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  1. Ian says:

    I’m thinking about going on a cruise and I’ve read some cruises are only for older people, while some are for all ages. Are there any that you would recommend?

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