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Published on October 25th, 2012


Sun, Sea and Sangria in Torremolinos

When you’re planning a trip to Europe, you tend to think about all the cultural sights you’re going to see along the way in iconic cities such as Paris, Rome, Venice and Prague. Of course, this is a fantastic part of an extended stay in Europe, but you should also make time to experience a bit of a sun ‘n’ fun holiday in a destination like Spain’s Torremolinos.

Holidays to Torremolinos in the last forty years have been all about enjoying the sun, sand and sea, as well as the nightlife after the sun goes down. And it’s the perfect place to do this. Although the town has historical roots in Phoenician, Greek and Roman times, until the 1960s and 1970s it was a small fishing town. Since then, however, it has grown year on year as it welcomes tourists from all over Europe and beyond who come seeking the sun and great beaches along this stretch of Spanish coastline. It is now one of the busiest resorts on the Costa del Sol and offers fantastic facilities for holidaymakers.

Some of the best beaches are Bajondillo, Los Alamos, Playamar and Carihuela, all of which have plenty of hotels, bars and restaurants behind them. You can find all kinds of water sports here.

The local cusine is centred on seafood and you’ll find plenty of ‘pescaito frito’ (fried fish) in all the restaurants.

And if you want to sample some of the history of Torremolinos, then take a stroll through the old town where you’ll see some great architecture including the Casa de los Navaja, built in the 19th century and the Torre de Pimentel, or Torre de los Molinos, which is what gave the city its name. There are also some impressive archaeological sites in the region Cortijo del Tajo dating back to the Neolithic age, as well as Roman and pre-Roman periods.

Torremolinos is  a great destination for sunshine and the sea, but you can also get imbued in the culture and history of the town if you choose to.

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