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Published on February 1st, 2012


Top 5 Reasons to Explore Nicaragua


Considering an amazing adventure that has sun, surf, nature, excitement, culture, history, art, music, animals, and just about everything you could imagine?  A Central American adventure is sure to be one such diverse location that you will be able to get to see just about everything.  Well except maybe snow…  and polar bears, and well, you get the idea.  This tropical location just hovering around the equator is filled with animals, butterflies, rainforests, plant life, and tons of eco diversity.  If you are looking to surf, snorkel, horseback ride, and take nature tours or explore, Central America is the place to start looking. 


Now the question is, which tropical paradise do you want to go explore?  All of them are a little similar, yet all of them also unique in their own way.  Here are five great reasons to consider why your next adventure should be to explore the “Land of Volcanoes and Lakes” in Nicaragua.


1.  The volcanoes.  You cannot have a Nicaraguan Vacation without at least checking out some of the volcanoes that it has to offer.  Some active, some bubbling, some dormant, and some just recently blown, this country has a variety of little cone shaped volcanoes to be explored.  One super unique spot to check out is Cerro Negro.  A black sand volcano that can be climbed in just an hour or two, and can be ridden down by foot, sled, or even a “snowboard!”  Riding down top speeds on a warm summer day down the face of a black sand, recently erupted volcano.  If that doesn’t sound like something to cross off the bucket list, then I don’t know what does!


2.  The lakes.  Ever swam in a Lake with sharks? Lake Granada is the largest lake in Central America, and the 9th largest lake in the Americas.  This lake although worth the visit just for its sheer size and beauty, also has another little reason to visit.  There are fresh water sharks that have adapted to be able to live in this lake.  This is a completely common place to go and wake board, kayak, kneeboard, or go tubing, although you are in luck since the shark population has drastically dwindled from what it once was.  How cool would it be to say you went wake boarding in Lake Granada with Sharks?  This lake also has a few areas that have thermal waters from the volcanoes, which are too warm for the sharks, so those are the areas that boaters usually take tourists and locals to do water activities and aquatics, so you will be fully safe from these big fish.


3.  The culture.  With such an interesting history Nicaragua is full of culture and great stories that the locals hold on to and pass down.  Check out one of the many festivals or folklore theater plays to see some of the traditions acted out as they are passed down from generation to generation.  Bright colors, traditional music, live bands, and beautiful dancing, are a great part of Nicaraguan life.


4. The surf.  The ISA World Masters Surfing Championship chose Nicaragua as a location just last July with good reason.  As one of the biggest surfing events of the year they knew that Nicaragua would provide great consistent waves, beach break left and rights, and warm and cozy waters.  An amazing place to learn to surf, or for veterans to catch a couple of hang tens.  Nicaragua is the place to check out if you are looking for some great waves.


5.  The Unexplored.  Check out Nicaragua because not everyone is on the bandwagon yet.  The prices compared to nearby tourist hot spots like Costa Rica and Panama are already reflective of their popularity.  Nicaragua on the other hand still offers cheap beers, cheaper activities, and great local prices.  Going to a festival you can get a bag of popcorn for a quarter, and a soda for less than fifty cents.  Enjoy the perks of exploring the unexplored and check out Nicaragua while it is still unique and exotic.  Before you know it this place will be a top tourist destination, so visit it and explore the volcanoes and lakes before the masses arrive.

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