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A Protest in Peru

ChooseMyAdventure Chapter 7: Bolivia

Machu Picchu on the Cheap

How to Eat a Guinea Pig

ChooseMyAdventure Chapter 6: Ecuador

ChooseMyAdventure Chapter 5: The Darien Gap

Part 1

Part 2

Amateur Lobster Fishing

The 7 Week Cup of Coffee

A Guatemalan Hot Spring Bath.

The Dominican Republic Challenge.

ChooseMyAdventure Chapter 3: Santa Does Nicaragua

ChooseMyAdventure Chapter 2: ‘The Burrito Rollers’

ChooseMyAdventure Chapter 1: Guatemala

Challenging a local Nicaraguan national bodybuilding champion to an arm wrestle.

Motorbike Fall in Guatemala

Wat the F@ck!!!

Mounting Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo

Asia Video

A Wild Ride to a Cheap Room in Brunei

Vietnamese Darts

A million to one shot.

The Cambodia/Laos ‘Unofficial’ Border Cross

Ziplining down the Great Wall of China

A Wild Ride to a Cheap Room in Brunei.

A Carnival in the middle of the Jungle. The weirdest thing I have ever encountered.

Sand boarding in vietnam. Probably not the next national sport but a good time regrdless.

Top of the Laos waterfall

Koh Phangnon, Thailand. Fire jump rope, always a good idea.

Do it yourself tours.

Leaving Koh Tao

Forget guided/packaged tours, get out there and do it yourself!

The Amazing Bolaven Plateau, Laos.

Vang Vieng, Laos. The wildest place I have ever seen!

American Hustler in Bangkok Exposed.

Catba Island, Vietnam.

Beaching in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The funniest/craziest lady in Nam.

Canada VS USA Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game. Me with the other die hards celebrating a proud Canadian moment in Bangkok…at 5:30 am. Game aftermath.

Thai/Malaysian Easter Peninsula Border Cross and Jungle Train Ride.

Sex Tourist in the Doghouse!


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I am a 29 year old Canadian who has been traveling and chasing experiences over the last as long as I can remember with no plan or ultimate destination. My thirst for adventure has...