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I am a 29 year old Canadian traveler who has been traveling and chasing experiences over the last as long as I can remember with no plan or ultimate destination.  My thirst for adventure has landed me in some of the wildest places and circumstances imaginable and I have only just scratched the surface.  Hilarity and adventure will ensue!  The guidebooks can show you the way, but I will take you inside.  Cheers.

Many months ago, my life took a very interesting turn. Recently home from an incredible Central American journey, I found myself back in southern Ontario, back in my parent’s basement, back at my old job, and back to a way of living that I just don’t feel is for me. Against my better judgement I was willing to give it a try, and uncomfortably settle into a life I was unsure of. I looked into business ideas and even put an offer in on a condo in an attempt to keep up with the infamous Jones’. My offer was verbally accepted. With stability and responsibility lurking around the corner, I prepared to sign on the dotted line but was saved by the powers that be when the lawyers, in fine lawyer fashion, got involved and advised their clients to reject my offer. I’ll never forget it because it was one of those unexpected moments of clarity. Had I been upset or disappointed, I would have known to stay put and try it again, but it was the sigh of relief that told me it was time to go. A few days later, I quit my job for the second time in 6 months, packed my life into a backpack…again, and booked a ticket to western Canada. My western tour took me to some beautiful places, showed me a hell of a time, and reunited me with some of the greatest friends and family I could ever ask for. But something still wasn’t right.

While in Calgary I came across some special flight deals to Asia which kept lingering in the back of my mind like a guilty pleasure. I tried to forget about these until the deadline of the offer but with 2 hours to the deal’s expiration, I found myself at a friend’s house looking them up again and plugging in my credit card info. “Should I do it?”. ”Fucking do it”, I believe was the appropriate response. The sensation of adventure took over and I confirmed a flight to Asia, and for no better reason than why not? 10 days later I was on a flight to Beijing for a minimum of 3 months.

A lot of people have asked me, “what are you searching for?” in referring to my never-ending quest to be anywhere and everywhere else. I have never been able to answer this question before because it always seemed so complex, but the reality of it is quite simple. I want to experience! The problem is that I want to experience everything! Love, laughter, happiness, passion, adventure, fear, and adrenaline to name a few. I want to be challenged constantly, I want to learn lessons the hard way, I want failure and success, I want that tingle sensation when you first realize you’re in way over your head followed by the sense of relief when you walk away from such an ordeal. I want to jump in the rapids and then scream for a life jacket. I want my bus to break down in the middle of nowhere and laugh about it. I want to wonder what could possibly happen to me next. These are lifeblood experiences that make me feel so alive. When you are willing to put yourself out there and accept what come your way, remarkable things will happen. That is why I will keep going. I will go where I end up and stop when I get there. I will share my tips, tricks, advice, adventures and push my limits to offer some insight and inspiration into the world of traveling and chasing experiences. It should at least be good for a couple of laughs. Welcome to my experience.



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I am a 29 year old Canadian who has been traveling and chasing experiences over the last as long as I can remember with no plan or ultimate destination. My thirst for adventure has...