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Published on February 1st, 2012


Costa Rica Attracting Lonnies

Reasons why Costa Rica is becoming a top destination for Canadians

Cenizaro #501

What may at first seem like a long flight or a complicated trip to Central America could leave you surprised when you hear why a lot of Canadians are choosing to visit Costa Rica for their next dream vacation destination.  With so many great locations just a plane flight away, one might wonder what the big appeal to Central America, specifically Costa Rica might be?  Well here are 5 great reasons why the “Tico” culture is creating such a buzz for the “Loonies.” 

Costa Rica beach Sunset View

5.  The clean air and sunshine in Costa Rica are one of the big appeals when looking for a sandy beach vacation.  In 2012 Costa Rica is making environmental leaps and bounds as #1 in the Americas and #5 worldwide by the Environmental Performance Index.  With goals to be the first Carbon Neutral-country by 2012, Costa Rica is continuing on their path of green. The lush plants and nature that this country is filled with is reason alone, but to support such and environmental tourist hot spot, Canadians surely can find the curb appeal of a Tamarindo Vacation Rental.

Costa Rica Surfing

4.  Costa Rica not only has some of the cleanest air around, but they also have the happiest people on the planet.  In 2012 The Happy Planet Index surveyed and concluded that Costa Rica is the happiest place on earth.  Topping this list for the second time, there is no mistaking that the “Pura Vida” lifestyle is one to be enjoyed and embraced.  Who doesn’t want to vacation in the land of surfing, smiles, and friendly locals?

Costa Rica Waterfall

3.  The language is easy.  Sure the native language is Spanish in all of Central America, but due to a large increase of tourism in the last years, English is now readily available in all tourist spots and even in some smaller not so popular towns.  Canadians will feel right at home booking adventure tours, exploring with a local guide, and learning all about the culture and nature of the beautiful rich coastlines.

Costa Rica Forests

2.  The activities are endless.  If you are looking to get out and enjoy some of the great outdoors, Costa Rica is filled with thrill seeking activities.  From surfing, to paddle boarding, kayaking, and ATV riding, you will be sure to get your adrenalin pumping.  If you are looking for something a little more low key you can take a nature tour, yoga on the beach, or even just hang out at your vacation rental poolside reading your favorite book, having a cocktail.

Gran Mirador Pool Area

1.  It is easy.  Due to tourism being a large benefactor of this countries income, Costa Ricans have made it easy and simple for people to come visit their beautiful country.  With shuttle busses to and from the airport, local tours and guides at the ready everywhere you go, and nothing but friendly help everywhere you turn.  A huge advantage to visiting Costa Rica is that the locals are happy to have you and want nothing more than for you to have an amazing time visiting their country.  Enjoy some of the local fares, activities, and soak up some of that incredible sunshine.  You can check off on your list, all of your favorite activities that you came to love and the Pura Vida lifestyle you can’t wait to return to.

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