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Published on January 15th, 2013


Five Great Spots to Visit in the USA

The United States has been known for its attractive destinations that apart from providing a beautiful scenery also contains rich cultural heritage. Being a big country, there is a big ground to cover for interested domestic or international travelers. Because of the many possible interesting destinations in the U.S, travelers may overlook some and therefore deny themselves between the opportunities to view very captivating places.

For Canadians interested in visiting various spots in the US, the following five great spots to visit in the U.S. can be ideal:

Great Spots to Visit in the USA – The US Virgin Islands

There are several Virgin islands each with its own unique identity. They belong to the US territory and are characterized by white -sand beaches and blue or turquoise water.

With many resorts, Virgin Islands are the ideal place for one interested in having a vacation far away form the bustling life of cities such as New York. St. John is a national park containing trees and beaches that are ideal for putting up tent cabins. The Hassel Island that was previously inaccessible can today be explored by use of canoes.

Great Spots to Visit in the USA - The Hudson River Valley

This is the ideal place for those individuals who wish to visit New York City and is located in Northern America – not too deep in the water for those shy Canucks. It offers thrilling driving experience through the leafy environment and options for farm-to-table delicacies. Typically, this area is known to mostly attract people from Manhattan, so you’re bound to get into some interesting conversations.

Great Spots to Visit in the USA - Cincinnati , Ohio

Cincinnati is a city that is situated next to the Ohio River. Most road users bypass this city as it is located off the main interstates.

Over the last decade, Cincinnati has undergone tremendous transformation, emerging as one of the most exciting destinations for individuals interested in weekend or holiday getaways. Much activates are centered on the Ohio River. The Kentucky side – which provides the most ideal walks along the river – can be accessed through several bridges, such as the suspension bridge.

The Cincinnati Art Museum and the Victorian townhouses of the 19th century can be reached via the steep and narrow roads of the district of Mt. Adams. Other attractive points include the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the Findlay Market.

Great Spots to Visit in the USA - The Four Corners Region , Southwest US

This region is one of the most famous spots in America – the intersection between New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Colorado, which all share a border in the southwest of US.

This area is also renowned for its archeological sites. Visitors to the four corners region are able to view many interesting things, such as the Towers of the Monument Valley of Arizona, the National Parks at Utah, or even the Abandoned cliff dwellings of Colorado.

Great Spots to Visit in the USA - Culebra , Puerto Rico

This is an island off the US coast. It is endowed with many beaches and can be accessed by flights or ferries. Apart from the thrilling experiences on the beaches, visitors can also go on hikes.

In addition to the aforementioned spots, other attractive spots in the US include Boulder in Colorado, Hawaii and Chicago. Canadians interested in visiting attractive spots in the US certainly have a variety to choose from.

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  2. Olivia says:

    Ahh that last one’s stretching it a bit! Costa Rica isnt technically in the US. But anyway totally agree with the Hudson Valley. It’s a really beautiful place. Haven’t been to the other places though so it would be interesting to discover how it compares.

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