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Published on February 8th, 2012


Five Places to See in the UK

Of all the many countries that make up Europe, the United Kingdom is obviously the most similar to Canada. Many people never seem too keen to visit, however, and would much prefer to head to the sunnier climates of Spain, Portugal and Italy. But there are actually many places in the UK worth visiting and here you’ll find five of the best parts of that little island nation.


The Scottish capital is also Scotland’s most welcoming city for tourists. There is plenty to see, with Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile the obvious attractions, but the parliament building at Holyrood, as well as Murrayfield stadium, is also worth a look.

On the Royal Mile you’ll find street performer after street performer, as well as more souvenir shops than you could ever imagine. The little cafés and bars on the streets just off of the Mile are the perfect places to go to for an afternoon drink, while the beer gardens near the train station are the perfect place to head to in the evening.

Edinburgh also hosts the UK’s most popular comedy festival throughout the month of August every year. If you can plan you’re trip to spend some time in the city in August then make sure you do, as you’ll have a real good laugh.


Manchester may not have many sights, but it is the culture and entertainment in offer that makes it worth a visit.

Manchester’s music scene is one of Europe’s best and you’ll find cheap tickets for the best up-and-coming bands from the city, as well as famous bands playing at the bigger venues.

Aside from music, the city also has another popular pastime – soccer! Manchester is not just home to two of England’s best teams, but also to two of the world’s best teams in Manchester United and Manchester City. Try to catch a game during your stay and you’ll be rewarded with the chance to see the skills of some of the planet’s best players, such as Wayne Rooney and David Silva.


As the capital of the country, London is obviously one place you have to see on your trip to the UK.

With attractions such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, the city is full of places to see. Aside from the landmarks, the city is renowned for its great shopping, excellent musicals and theatre and for hosting many great sports events.

If searching for somewhere in London to stay, an apartment from Oh-London could be a good idea. With apartments in all parts of the city, you’ll be sure to find an apartment in an area of London which suits you.

Loch Ness

Does Nessie the Loch Ness Monster really exist? Well, there’s only one way for you to be sure and that is to go and check for yourself! Loch Ness is a beautiful lake in the north of Scotland at Inverness and the surrounding area and hills are the perfect spot for some exploring. Take a picnic and some hiking boots and you’ll have a great day in the Scottish highlands.

White Cliffs of Dover

The white cliffs at Dover are one of the most famous images of the UK. These huge chalk cliffs form part of the southern English coastline that faces France and as the closest part of the country to the rest of Europe, they are one of the first sights of the country that many visitors from the continent will see.

The cliffs have huge historic significance given that past invasions or attempted invasions of the country have come through this entry to the country.

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