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Published on January 20th, 2013


Places that Look and Feel Like Canada

Canada has been consistently rated by various international organizations as one of the best places to live in the world. This high honor was given to Canada because of its environment, economy, progressive healthcare and immigration and governmental policies. At least 21% of Canada’s population is made up of immigrants and many people relocate to Canada from third world and industrialized nations. Even though every country on the planet has its own identity there are some countries that have government policies, landscapes and economies that resemble Canada. The United States, France, Britain and Australia are four places that have similar societies that resemble Canada.

Places that Look and Feel Like Canada: The US

Some parts of the U.S. have regions which resemble Canada. States such as Washington, Montana, North Dakota and Maine have geographical features that are close to many of the areas located inside of Canada. Some northern U.S. cities resemble Canadian metropolitan areas in terms of landscape and street design. The United States is Canada’s major trading partners. This is one of the main reasons as to why Canada’s economy resembles that of the U.S. and it operates on a market based system. Canada and the U.S. also share an open border which allows cultural ideas and practices to freely flow between the two regions. Alaska is a U.S. state that is situated inside of Canada’s borders. This particular state has a lot in common with the Canada more so than the American mainland. A lot of Canada’s societal features and landscape is similar to those found in Alaska. The U.S. and Canada do not share everything in common but there are many similarities between both of these nations.

Places that Look and Feel Like Canada: France

France is another country that similar to Canada. France doesn’t share the same government system as Canada but both countries have a similar climate. France gets just as cold as Canada but the Canadians are prone to have more snow. France’s geography is similar to that of Canada’s and if it wasn’t for the differences in architectural design then both nations would have identical communities. Both of these nations speak the same language. Canada and France have public health care systems and there is a large population of French speaking Canadians inside of Canada. Many Canadian provinces use the French language for advertising and signage purposes.

Places that Look and Feel Like Canada: The UK

The United Kingdom and Canada are two other countries that have similarities as well. Canada gained its independence from Britain during the 19th century and still retains a lot of the U.K.s customs, language and form of government. The both recognize the British Queen as a ruling monarch. These two nations also share the same type of government system and they have economies that are similar to one another. The geographical conditions in England and Canada are not the same. Canada’s environment consists of more forests and snow and England has a lot of low lands and rolling hills. The U.K. and Canada both have a public health care system.

Britain and France settled a lot of territories that are in existence today – including Canada. After Canada gained its independence, both ethnic groups had settled into the country and still continue to influence its development. Canada has its own unique identity and doesn’t necessarily see itself as a part of Britain or France, even though a lot of its identity is derived from these places. Canada bases much its financial system off of the American model though they do not share the same national policies in this area.

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  2. Nita says:

    Somehow neither of the three that you’ve chosen surprise me as looking and feeling like Canada especially with our British and French roots. And the fact that the USA is so close to us as well. How about some other countries that we don’t have close historic or geographical ties with?

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