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Published on August 10th, 2012


The Worst Places for Canadians

Going on vacation can be the best time of the year, depending on the location. For Canadians, choosing a travel location can be fairly simple, but there are some destinations that are going to be a bad choice. Canada is known as the ultimate good neighbor with their friendly and easy-going nature. It’s hard to imagine that anyone doesn’t like Canadians. However, some countries have an animosity towards Canadians, and these are the three worst locations for Canadians to visit. Most of these conflicts are due to natural resources, especially since Canada has a thriving global trade.

The Worst Places for Canadians: China

China undoubtedly makes the list of the worst places for Canadians to go. China has become the elephant in the room in regards to Canada. Since this country has become one of the largest economic and political forces in the world, they have become major users of Canadian resources and raw materials. Due to the increase in China’s exporting tainted goods and materials, relations between the two countries have been strained. In Canada, there have been regular protests outside the Chinese embassies. This is compounded by the unresolved case of Huseyin Celil as well as a publicized snub of Canadian’s Prime Minister. Currently, Chinese-Canadian relations are strained. While travel is not dangerous, it might be better to visit Japan or another location in the area.

The Worst Places for Canadians: The African Union

The African Union including Sierra Leone, the Sudan, and South Africa have some issues with Canada. The trouble between the two countries began in the 1993 Somalia Affair when Canadian soldiers were implicated in the murder of a Somalian citizen and accused of racism. Adding this tension onto the inaction in Darfur, many Africans have lumped Canada in with the Western nations that have not done anything to address the many issues troubling Africa. In addition, Canada’s diamond production has been competing with Africa for several years and created a tension between the two countries. While it may be tempting to go on safari in Africa, wait until relations are better.

The Worst Places for Canadians: Denmark

The third location on the list is, surprisingly, Denmark. Although historically, the Danish longboats were famed for harrying the shores of other nations, the two countries have experienced tension due to the issue of a small island located in the High Arctic. The boundary between Canada and Denmark is believed to cut directly through Hans Island, but both countries claim it as their own. In 2005, the Danish government actually sent a warship to the island. While the struggle seems like a small problem, any Canadian visiting Denmark is sure to hear an earful about this current problem. My advice? Avoid Denmark and instead spend a week in Sweden. Similar location but without any of the problems.

These three countries are the three worst places for Canadians. While relationships between Canada and these countries is currently strained, citizens should be safe traveling, it may just not be the most fun vacation. However, given the numerous travel options available around the world, it’s so much easier to choose a less hostile location and enjoy a stress-free vacation in another country.

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  1. Helen says:

    Really, Denmark? That came as a huge surprise to me. I don’t think there would be anything bad happening if I did visit Denmark though.

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