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Published on June 15th, 2012


Traveller’s Health Insurance and Why You Should Get It

One of the best things the modern world has to offer is the luxury of travel; whether it’s the other side of the country or the other side of the world, we all love to explore new horizons. And whilst we all like to think we plan well ahead and ensure nothing goes wrong, most of us know all too well that even the best of us can be ill prepared for an unexpected event. Worst of all when it’s characterised by ill-health in a foreign land far from our own home.

One of the most fundamental aspects of preparing for a trip abroad is travel insurance. It’s essential in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. This is especially important considering most people will forget that their provincial health plans are not designed to cover you once you are off home territory. That’s why every major governmental and health organisation aims to constantly remind people to register with a private insurer. Even here, it’s important to remember additional factors such as the small clauses most people forget.

For example, even if your insurance claims to cover a vast amount of money, remember that it’s in Canadian dollars, and most transactions abroad are handled in US dollars. For those suffering from pre-existing conditions, it is also worth making sure your private insurer acknowledges this and covers you whilst abroad. There are small things that you need to be careful off when paying for such things, and there are numerous agencies that can provide you with advice in such instances.

Most of what’s already been said is true for short trips abroad; however, it becomes yet more vital when you’re away from home for long periods of time. Most insurers will make supplemental health insurance available to you even whilst you are already away and wish to extend it. This is important because, statistically speaking, the longer you are away, the more chance there is that something will go wrong, even if we don’t like to think of it as a possibility! And if (or when) something goes awry, unless you have a decent savings plan in place, or a variation on the many account types available, you’re likely to face an incredible, uncomfortable fine.¬†Supplemental health insurance will be your way of making sure that your vacation becomes memorable for all the right reasons and that no uninvited events come and take centre stage.

It is also worth paying attention to the finer print in every contract you sign as supplemental health insurance should also give you a better service. When abroad it is yet more important that you are treated rapidly and efficiently as being in a completely different environment can throw you out of your comfort zone when, already, you’re not exactly functioning at the highest level.

The way to get the much sought-after supplemental health insurance is to ensure you not only get the correct advice – and advice is abundant if you take the time to find it – but also that you are not afraid to ask every question that crosses your mind when discussing your plan with your private insurer. Don’t be fooled by vague answers and aim to get as much information in as much detail as possible, above all insuring it suits your demands. If your trip is set to last a good while, make sure they understand this and have specific service for such long lasting periods of time. Above all, put your game face on and get the best deal; you work hard for every time away you get and the only thing you want to come back with are a host of great photographs and odd touristic souvenirs – not ebola.

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  1. Quentin says:

    Is it necessary to get extra travellers insurance if you already have it from your credit card?

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