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Published on August 23rd, 2012


Who Needs to Go Abroad Anyway? The Best Parks in Canada

We all know Canada is famous worldwide for its breathtakingly stunning natural beauty. But why don’t others know it? Our 6 national park reserves and 36 national parks are some of the best in the world. If you plan to leave Canada, make sure don’t go exploring the world without visiting at least one of the beautiful national parks we have here first! Below are five of our best national parks which are sure to leave you captivated!

Best Parks in Canada: Banff National Park

Located in Alberta, Banff is amongst the most popular and oldest of national parks in Canada. Its beautiful glaciers, lakes, ice fields and forests will surely leave you stunned. Make sure you visit the two resort towns, Lake Louise and Banff too. The bow River, flowing right through its center, makes it an ideal place to take a boat trip while enjoying the scenic beauty around. The Valley of the Ten Peaks and the Banff hot springs are also worth a visit.

Best Parks in Canada: Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Situated in British Columbia, the Pacific Rim Park faces the Pacific Ocean and is located on Vancouver Island’s tip. It is a little different from the usual alpine Canadian parks with the temperature rainforests and rugged shoreline. The three important regions in the park are Broken Group Islands, West Cost Trail and Long Beach. Through the West Coast Trail you can go across the park in 5-7 days or you can even enjoy kayaking to any of the Broken Group Islands.

Best Parks in Canada: Auyuittuq National Park

This park is located in Nunavut and has beautiful artistic scenery. If you always wanted to get a feel of the beautiful North Pole, then you must visit this park and get awe-struck by its ice fields, glaciers and fjords. If you get really lucky then you might get to see one of the mammal species including the arctic hare and polar bear.

Best Parks in Canada: Wood Buffalo National Park

Situated in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, this is Canada’s largest national park. It is the one place where you will get to see the largest pack of wood bison and the only place where you can see the rare whooping cranes. The largest beaver dam of the world is also located within the park. Make sure you visit the Alberta Plateau and enjoy viewing its sinkholes and bogs. The Great Slave Lake will also leave you spellbound with it being the biggest fresh-water deltas of the world.

Best Parks in Canada: Grasslands National Park

Located in Saskatchewan, this is the first national park created to conserve Canada’s mixed prairie grasslands, and even till date it is almost left untouched by humans. The park has complex ecosystems and also has various rare species like black footed ferret, burrowing owl and so on.

Each of the national parks of Canada is equally beautiful. If you are a nature lover it is going to be no less than a feast for your eyes. For tips and hints check out Canada Holidays, there you’ll find out there is something different for everyone in our great land. Not only are each of our parks worth seeing, but the rest of our country too!

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  1. Kean says:

    I’ve only ever been to Banff National Park and it was amazing. Canada has some seriously amazing national parks and I definitely hope to visit all of the major ones one day.

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